Sojourn City – Explore the City

With Freedom’s Fight on the way, here is an updated map of Sojourn City! This map is marked with important locations and areas from Vigilante’s Light, as well as a few new spots readers will see in Freedom’s Fight! Check out the deep dive below for the important information about each location seen on the map!

The Brooks – So named because it is on the banks of a river, the Brooks is Sojourn City’s poorest, roughest neighborhood. When crime lord Luca Serban established his empire in the city, the Brooks were his foothold. The people of the Brooks are still recovering from the ordeal.

  • West Brooks Refuge Church – One of two church campuses in the Brooks started by Pastor Matthew Turner, West Brooks Refuge Church is led by Pastor Jeff. It is vandalized by Serban’s men, which leads to Gideon Turner eventually becoming the Seraph.
  • Sojourn PD – The twelfth precinct of the Sojourn City Police Department is one of the precincts in the Brooks. Gideon’s girlfriend, Jolie Anderson, is stationed at this precinct. Most of the remaining cops at the precinct are uncorrupted and trying their best to protect the city.
  • Jonson house – The home of Wyatt and Joanna Jonson and their kids, Carter, Ellis, and Rhonda.
  • Sojourn City High School – The school where Carter Jonson attends.
  • Grocery store – The summer following Luca Serban’s Uprising, Carter gets a job at the grocery store to help provide for his family.
  • The Broken Glass – A bar that serves as a hideout for Luca Serban and his gang. It is outside this bar that Gideon Turner and Katrina Monahan first battle.
  • East Brooks Refuge Church – The second church campus started by Matthew Turner. This campus was attacked some time after the West Brooks campus. During this attack, Wes Turner was injured by a knife.
  • Sea Town Coffee – An old coffee shop in the Brooks, this location was shut down during Luca Serban’s rise to power and has remained abandoned since.
  • Sterling Maglev Station – A train station for the inter-city maglev monorail that Dean Sterling is building in the aftermath of the Uprising.

Junction Park – A clean suburban neighborhood just outside the Brooks. Even Junction Park feels the effects of Serban’s takeover when a shootout between gangs take place in it, forcing the police and the Crusader to intervene.

  • Monahan’s safehouse – A location where Luca Serban’s hired assassin, Katrina Monahan, lives under an alias.

Wally’s Diner – A classic Sojourn City staple, Wally’s Diner is a ’50s-style restaurant that is a favorite of Gideon and Jolie. It was where they had their first date, and they often revisit it along with their friends.

City Hall – The seat of Sojourn City’s government, and one of Luca Serban’s primary targets when his Uprising begins.

Jolie’s apartment – Jolie Anderson lives alone in an apartment in the northeast part of the city. This location keeps her safely away from the Brooks when she is not on the job.

Turner house – The home of Gideon’s parents, Matthew and Tasha, where they live with their younger son, Wes.

Sojourn City Airport – A hub of transportation in and out of the city, the airport is where Gideon greeted his family and friends for the first time in a year after returning from captivity in Venezuela.

Refuge Church – The original campus pastored by Matthew Turner, Refuge Church has a large congregation with many wealthy and generous members. Edgar Sterling was one of the deacons.

Lakeside – The part of Sojourn City closest to Lake Superior while still being on land. Lakeside is populated by many of the city’s wealthy citizens, and boasts many skyscrapers and shopping centers. It is the second-greatest mark of Sojourn City’s affluence apart from the Platform.

  • Sojourn Central Tower – A high rise apartment building in Lakeside, Sojourn Central Tower boasts luxurious living spaces. Dean Sterling lives in a penthouse apartment near the top of the building, and Gideon lives with him. They also use the apartment as a base of operations for Gideon’s activities as the Seraph.

Sterling Enterprises Maglev – Dean Sterling hopes that a train connecting all the city’s neighborhoods will breed unity between the city’s upper and lower classes and encourage the wealthier denizens to donate toward the upkeep of the Brooks. Toward that end, he uses his personal wealth to fund the construction of the high-tech monorail.

The Docks – From the docks, Sojourn City connects commercially with other cities on Lake Superior and the other Great Lakes. It is also a site where visitors wishing to reach the Platform by boat can board a ferry or rent their own boat.

The Platform – Part of Sojourn City’s founding, the Platform is the city’s ultimate seat of luxury, a floating man-made island connected to the city by a highway bridge. The original intention was that if the city’s wealthy got out of control, they could be separated from the rest of the city by retracting the bridge and isolating them in the lake.

  • Sterling Maglev Station – The starting point of Dean’s train, this station connects the Platform to the mainland. Unlike the highway bridge, the maglev rail cannot retract. The construction of the train means the Platform is permanently bound to the city, which Dean hopes will encourage those on the Platform to donate toward gentrifying the rest of the city.
  • Sterling Enterprises – The skyscraper where Dean’s family company runs its business dealings.
  • Sterling Labs – An arm of Sterling Enterprises, Sterling Labs is responsible for the company’s research and development. Much of the technology used to improve the city, as well as to supply the Seraph on his vigilante undertakings, comes from Sterling Labs. Gideon and Dean both work at the labs, along with Dean’s friends Maddox Odell and Arianna Serafin.

While some of these locations may be unfamiliar, you can look forward to learning more about them when Freedom’s Fight is released!

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