Gideon Turner/The Seraph

Name: Gideon Turner

Alias: The Seraph

Career: Surgeon, scientist at Sterling Labs

Age: 26

Bio: Gideon’s family moved to Sojourn City when Gideon was a child. After becoming a surgeon out of medical school, Gideon went on a medical missions trip to Venezuela, where he was kidnapped by guerrillas. In captivity, he met Joshua Omer and was experimented on by Dr. Jeremiah Ashcroft. These experiments gave Gideon the power to project light energy from his body and sense the emotions of others. Using these powers, Gideon became the vigilante known as the Seraph to protect Sojourn City from crime lord Luca Serban. But being a vigilante was not enough for long, and Gideon would have to learn how to become a superhero and lead a team if he was going to save more than just his city.

Jolie Anderson

Name: Jolie Anderson

Career: Police officer

Age: 25

Bio: Jolie has been friends with Gideon and Dean for years, and Gideon’s girlfriend since high school. A by-the-book and determined woman, Jolie became a police officer to protect her city from crime. As Luca Serban’s Romanian mob overtakes the Brooks, Sojourn City’s poorest neighborhood, Jolie’s adherence to the rules is tested as she has to consider whether working with vigilantes such as the Crusader and the Seraph is worth it to bring down Serban.

Dean Sterling

Name: Dean Sterling

Alias: Drifter

Career: Researcher at Sterling Labs, CFO of Sterling Enterprises

Age: 26

Gideon’s childhood best friend, Dean Sterling is a carefree and friendly soul. Always ready with a joke, Dean loves nothing more than to brighten the lives of those around him. When he learned of Gideon’s powers, Dean eagerly joined the Seraph’s crusade by providing him tech, including his superhero suit. When a trip to San Francisco resulted in powers of Dean’s own, he eagerly joined Gideon in the field and became a superhero known as Drifter. With the power to teleport, Drifter often serves the team by rounding up civilians and keeping them out of harm’s way during fights.

Carter Jonson/The Crusader

Name: Carter Jonson

Alias: The Crusader

Career: Grocery store bag boy

Age: 18

Bio: The son of Wyatt and Joanna Jonson, Carter is the oldest of three siblings. Growing up in the Brooks makes for a difficult life, and Carter learned early how to be a fighter. He joined the school wrestling team, and later took up his dad’s mantle as the Crusader. Carter served at first as Gideon’s sidekick, but he is evolving into a hero in his own right.

Patrick Omer/Spright

Name: Patrick Omer

Alias: Spright

Age: 18

Patrick Omer is the grandson of Joshua Omer, the man Gideon shared a cell with in Venezuela. A member of a devout Jewish family, Patrick secretly converted to Christianity. He nearly died from what seemed to be a faulty flu vaccine, but turned out to be a tampered batch which contained Dr. Ashcroft’s superhuman serum. Patrick developed the power of super speed, and with Gideon’s training, he became the superhero Spright.


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