The Writing of Heroes’ Might

Today, it’s here.

The third book in The Vindicators series, Heroes’ Might, officially released on October 25, 2022. It seems impossible that I’ve completed and published a complete trilogy of stories.

Back in 2018, when I first started writing Vigilante’s Light, I didn’t know how many books I wanted to do. I knew I wanted more than one, as Vigilante’s Light could not wrap up the entire story of Gideon Turner in one book. So, I thought a trilogy was pretty standard, and I set out to write three books to tell a complete superhero epic.

As I finished Freedom’s Fight and prepared for the third book, I knew I had to go big for the finale. The stakes had to be bigger than ever, the characters’ emotional arcs had to resolve, and plot points I had set up way back in the first book had to reach their conclusion. All that in one book. It was a lot, considering I also had to introduce new lackeys for our villain, Dr. Ashcroft.

I also needed to introduce a few more heroes. Although not a superhero herself, I did my best to make Jolie Anderson a strong, independent female lead as a police officer. But I had a superhero team with five men and no women. Some readers (and prospective readers) had commented to me that they wanted to see female superheroes. So, I decided to add some.

Not to mention, this whole series started because I was inspired by Arrow, and there was no archer on the superhero team. I decided it was high time I correct that, which meant adding another hero to the team.

Because of that, all told, Heroes’ Might tallied out at nearly 500 pages. I never could have expected to write a book that long, let alone that it would be the third book in a series. But the story kept going and going, and before I knew it, by the time I had wrapped up, I had just piles and piles of words thrown into that document.

And as I wrote, I realized how much I had come to love these characters, and that I wasn’t ready to be done with them yet.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I have more ideas for the Vindicators past the end of Heroes’ Might. I don’t have an announcement to make on that front just yet, but just know that the story of the Vindicators is far from over in my mind. Still, I wanted to provide my readers with a satisfying ending just in case Heroes’ Might did end up being the end of the road – not just for Gideon, Dean, and Jolie, but for all the characters. Patrick. Wes. Carter. Any of the characters you’ve come to love, I wanted their stories to reach a cathartic conclusion.

Rest assured, you will find that. If you only ever read these three books, the story is over. You won’t be left with any agonizing questions or jaw-dropping cliffhangers. I intentionally crafted Heroes’ Might to be a satisfactory ending in case I could never come up with any ideas for further stories down the line. But with time and God’s will, those stories will come.

If you come to love these characters as I have (and I hope you do, as is every author’s dream), don’t worry. I am sure that more will come. But for now, dig into Heroes’ Might. Don’t let its daunting 464 pages scare you away. Finish the story. Watch our heroes finish the fight. Someday, hopefully sooner than later, their stories will continue.

I can’t wait to see readers’ reactions to the ending. I wait with fingers crossed and bated breath for those first reviews and responses.

Heroes’ Might is for you, the readers. I hope you enjoy.

Jake Tyson


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