Heroes’ Might announcement

In case you missed it on my social media pages, Heroes' Might, the third book in The Vindicators series and sequel to Vigilante's Light and Freedom's Fight, is coming soon from Ambassador International! Although Heroes' Might is not my last planned book in the series, it does wrap up the first story arc and several... Continue Reading →

The Writing of Freedom’s Fight

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Vigilante's Light. If you have not read or finished Vigilante's Light yet, proceed with caution. From the time I finished writing Vigilante's Light and decided to work on a sequel, I knew that Gideon Turner would have to leave the confines of Sojourn City. Based on the world that... Continue Reading →

The Creation of Vigilante’s Light

Tomorrow, my debut novel, Vigilante's Light, sees its official release. To say I'm ecstatic is an understatement; I've been working toward this for years, and have wanted to be an author since I was around nine years old. I have written everything from poetry to short stories, fan fiction to full-length novels, and publishing a... Continue Reading →

Freedom’s Fight announcement

Freedom's Fight, the sequel to Vigilante's Light, is coming soon from Ambassador International! This story will continue to follow the characters introduced in Vigilante's Light, as well as adding new and exciting characters to the world. Pre-order Vigilante's Light now before its release on February 23, 2021, and stay tuned for more information on Freedom's... Continue Reading →

Just Desserts – by Jake Tyson

“Hey, Micron, what do 'just desserts' taste like?” Andrew Ashton, dressed as his costumed alter-ego Minuteman, voiced the question as he and his teammate snuck through the door to the warehouse. Micron, a size-shifter named DeAndre, frowned at Andrew. “What are you talking about?” “Captain Condor said we were going to give Null Point his... Continue Reading →

Revealing The Seraph

Happy Friday! Today on all my social medias, I released a first look at the Seraph, the main character of Vigilante's Light. To go along with this reveal, enjoy the excerpt below, a few (slightly modified and condensed, to prevent spoilers!) paragraphs from the novel in which Gideon sees his suit the first time, and... Continue Reading →

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