Revealing The Seraph

Happy Friday! Today on all my social medias, I released a first look at the Seraph, the main character of Vigilante’s Light. To go along with this reveal, enjoy the excerpt below, a few (slightly modified and condensed, to prevent spoilers!) paragraphs from the novel in which Gideon sees his suit the first time, and see the attached image below for your first look at the Seraph!



Gideon opened his eyes. Directly in front of him was a mannequin clothed in a suit. It
looked like it was made out of some sort of armored material like Kevlar. It was midnight blue and navy with gold highlights, including a section of the abdomen that was shaped vaguely like wings. The suit was tied together with a blue hooded cape and a domino mask.


“Wow,” he said. “This is…?”


“This is the Seraph, man. It’s super impact-resistant, and it’s partially translucent. That means—”


“I know what translucent means.”


“Don’t kill the moment. The armor should withstand stabs or gunshots. I know domino masks aren’t super concealing, but I figure since you go out at night and you’re also wearing the cowl, it might be enough.”


Gideon stepped toward the suit and ran his hand over it. “Thank you.”





I hope you have enjoyed this first look at the Seraph and a glimpse at Vigilante’s Light! Stay tuned for further news regarding the book’s release and other information, and I hope you all get to have it in your hands sooner than later! Thank you all for giving this new author a shot!


-Jake Tyson

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